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Essential information about outlines and the main areas of activities and operation range of law firm Tomasz Snarski.

Tomasz Snarski – professional competence

Tomasz Snarski (PhD in Law, advocate) runs a boutique law firm in the centre of Gdańsk. Since many years he has worked for various legal offices, what makes him an experienced lawyer. During his apprenticeship he provided legal services for companies, as well as for individual clients, inter alia by drawing up contracts and legal opinions. Moreover, he represented both companies and individuals in courts. He also successfully defended clients in criminal cases.

It is worth mentioning that Tomasz Snarski was a trainee in the Senate Office of Legislative Counsel of the Republic of Poland, where he gained valuable skills concerning the legislative process and principles of stating law.

In 2014, Tomasz Snarski was awarded the tittle of Forbes Professional.

Apart from being an attorney, Tomasz Snarski (PhD in law) is also a university lecturer on the University of Gdańsk (Faculty of Law and Administration, Department of Substantive Penal Law and Criminology).

He specializes in criminal law, theory and philosophy of law and human rights. In recent years, he has authored multiple research publications and books. As far as his philosophical concepts are concerned, he is an author of so called Gdansk’s theory of human rights and notion of the ideal multicultural law. He stands strongly against the capital punishment and any form of death penalty respectively.

Additionally he works as a human rights activist. Protection of human rights is one of the most significant fields in his professional development. He is an author of a petition to the European Parliament concerning the Polish minority’s rights to use their native language in Lithuania. Furthermore, he cooperates with non-governmental organizations acting on behalf of human rights.

Tomasz is also a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Supreme Bar Council of Poland, and the official delegate of the Polish Bar in The Council of Bars and Laws Societies of Europe (CCBE).

Tomasz Snarski participated in courses on negotiations, communication and social skills. He speaks English, French and Russian.

Legal office activity:
    • Attorney’s Office Tomasz Snarski specializes in :
  • Criminal law (defending and representing on every stage of criminal procedure),
  • Civil law, including providing legal service for companies (negotiations of contracts, representation in mediation and trials),
  • Civil law for individual clients,
  • Human rights (representing in the courts and institutions: domestic, international and European Union).
    • Apart from representing clients in courts and institutions Tomasz Snarski provides legal opinions and gives advices concerning:
  • civil law,
  • criminal law,
  • commercial law,
  • legislation,
  • constitutional law (including legislation),
  • administrative law,
  • maritime law (including the protection of mariners’ rights and arbitration),
  • human rights,
  • European Law.

Attorney’s Office Tomasz Snarski organizes juristic workshops and courses for management directors, employers, employees, universities and non-governmental organizations.

The area of the chambers’ activity is mostly Pomeranian Region and Warsaw, however, the chambers co-operates with legal offices in the whole country, e.g. Warsaw, Szczecin and Kraków. The Office also co-operates with lawyers from London, Brussels, Vilnius, and Paris.

The principles of fee and conditions of co-operation

Before taking the mandate contract Clients are informed about the fee and rules of co-operation.

Attorney’s Office Tomasz Snarski provides several methods of payment, depending on a type of a case and needs of a client.

Each mandate is precisely described in an individual client’s card, in which the rules of payment, the type of legal services and additional information are detailed. The Office provides confidentiality and security of received documentation. When in need, clients can use the legal database, literature and specialized press.

    • The most common services provided by the Attorney’s Office are:
  • Legal consultation,
  • Drown up Legal Opinion,
  • Legal advice,
  • Representation beyond a court,
  • Representation in a court,
  • Participation in negotiations,
  • Legal service for companies.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if further details concerning the principles of co-operation are required.